Monster Energy Supercross Game App Reviews

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I wish

I wish you don’t have to pay to get your favorite riders.

Irritating and annoying

Game would be great if the head to head racing against another player wasn't fake. Tired of games where you are pitted against another player (or at least their profile) and get beat beat by the computer. What's the point of upgrading your bike if a level 1 bike can beat a level 7 bike by 6 seconds in a 25 second race. These games are designed solely for the purpose of aggravating you to the point you spend money to upgrade.


The more money I tend to buy and spend on the game the more they glitch my screen and the more I lose online. Glitches every time I’m about to win so the other player comes back and beats me literally on a -70 game losing streak after I spent 40 bucks on coins I win and than boom my screen slows down the bike glitches and I can’t get my timing right and I lose the race. All the time game is garbage now even after today’s update 3/19/18

The bikes

Game is kinda good, you can’t steer the bike and the track isn’t long enough. It would be cool to be able to control and steer the bike as well as shift or not and actually be able to run Supercross qualifying. where you place is where you start in the main event. This game it to cheesy for me.

Great game

Gets challenging. If you like mad skills moto you’ll like this as well


So I’ve noticed some PvP and PvE riders are able to boost much faster over the jumps when I hit perfect takeoffs and this a glitch or am I missing something? I have my bike maxed out at current level and riders on bikes half my level are pulling away. What am I missing?

Best game ever!!!

This game is amazing especially since you can video record it.

Basics 101

Game play is what you would expect from iOS platform. Super simple one angle of view. Worst of all you purchase a bike, upgrade it to level 10, enter head to head race, hit the jumps and turns with “great or perfect” and get passed by a level 2 bike on the last jump like they’re running nitro! Worse yet, race head to head enough times somehow you end up racing yourself? Not sure how this is happening but has happen multiple times to me. Same scenario on a few of them where I get passed like the other “me” in bike is running pure nitro. Overall an Ok game. Nothing to make it worth any in game purchases to be used.


It's good In all but cash is so hard to get and you can only get in store or daily reward. I definitely can't forget about the hacks tooooooo many

Don't usually write reviews.

This game does a really good job of making me be ok with the fact that I haven't bought the PS4 version. Even though it's just an app I was election alot more from a faction like monster energy.


Hello! I purchased the game for my PS4 and have had a blast. I started having some fun on this game as well, but I am somewhat confused on what you use the coins and wrench tokens for. Please let me know, thanks! Update: I figured it out!

Not happy

I did the most recent update and the game stoped working. The screen would freeze when you tried to do a race

Won’t even load

Just sits at the loading screen and never moves off of it.

Bugs in beginning. Got it fixed. Works awesome

Great game. Got the kinks worked out. Look g forward to easier way to get different bikes

Good start.. but

Good start but the online multiplayer is to inconsistent. I’ll be smoking a guy and then all the sudden they blow past me jumping lower and not even whipping. So there is no way they could have boost to be going that fast.

Won't load

I have an up to date iPhone 5c and the game will not load. I updated to the newest version and when I select the icon the screen goes black then straight back to my home screen

Cool game BUT!!!

Hate the fact it’s not equally ranked races and even tho I am ahead by a long shot and get perfect jumps every time the other player some how always win I win one out of every 100 races my opinion cool game but needs work so deleting it till it can actually be better rotate the camera so it’s not side by side make it actual controls and not a one button game and to be able to choose your outfit helmet etc colors and modify both bikes and rider would be cool


After I passed the tutorial the game refuses to work at all. Loading screen stops when you open the game and only finishes loading after phone locks and it’s unlocked. Bike don’t load so you can’t see them. Races don’t load bikes and after the count down there is no bike or rider so you can’t participate at all. Fix the game.

Has potential

Let's face it, if you follow Supercross, you'll enjoy the concept of the game. However it's so inconsistent. You can literally get a whole shot in any race, then almost as if the 'multiplayer' fast forwards over jumps or through curves, and it's not every race this happens. The multiplayer doesn't really feel like you're actually racing someone. Yes it's hard to obtain bikes, but if you sign on everyday you'll eventually be given a crate. Cool to see pro riders, but it needs updating. For example, they still have Barcia riding for JGR Suzuki. We're well into the season now, why update? Some of the ads are ridiculous. In particular, the Facebook and the wheel ad you can't 'wait' to skip, you have to open it then close the safari out. Not sure if this was a promo for their console game (don't even get me started there) and they're just not focused anymore, or what. Kills some time, but it could be way better.


I wish you didn’t have to buy the bikes


I can’t even race. The game loads but the bike does not, I go into a race and the gate drops but I see just the gate no bike and cannot move. Frustrating...

Multiplayer is awful

I rarely win the multiplayer matches because the opponent will randomly boost 5 seconds ahead, then when I catch up or pass them they just boost past me again and beat me by 3 seconds. I leveled the 250 up to level 5, hit perfect almost every jump and turn, yet a level 3 bike will just blow past me like I’m standing still.

Pay to play

You have to pay to get off the first bike. You have 0 control of the bike. Literally the same thing over and over again. Same bike unless you want to spend money. This game is a joke and every name on it should feel pathetic. It makes me not want to use the products advertised in this game.

Lots of fun


Horrible game play

Horrible camera views, horrible game play, the controls are sluggish and I’ve played some pretty bad motorcycle games. But this one tops it. How did this even get released. I’d rather play Ricky carmichael or Jeremy McGrath supercross game on genesis!

Not Loading

My game is not wanting to load!


Can’t even see my bike

Please help

The game doesn't let me go into it, it just keeps on crashing on my iPhone 5c please reply and fix this!!!!!

Bored already

I was expecting steering controls and actual fun. Should have just went straight!

Great game except requires internet and downloads

A key feature in deciding if I want to keep a game on my iPad is the ability to play it offline other than graphics and playability. If I could play offline I’d give you five stars. Awesome game other than that.

Double coins?!?

I’ll watch a video to get double coins and it will give me what I earned in the first place. B.S. game is pretty laggy when racing other live players. iPhone


Mine won’t even let me see my character or my bike, nor can I race. Idk what is happening and I’ve tried multiple things and nothing seems to work. But I like the concept of the game.

Takes forever to load

Game ain’t bad just takes forever to load


It would be nice if you could customize your player

Won’t load...

Fix the loading issues so I can play the actual game then I’ll give it a review....

Good graphics, riders. Ridiculous gameplay

I was super excited to see the release of the mobile game alongside the pc and console versions. Loaded up, graphics looked great. As soon as I started a round my heart sank. I was hoping for a traditional diet racing game. Ability to turn, jump, brake, etc. instead it’s controlled simply by timing. Press a button and left off, couldn’t be any simpler. If you enjoy that kind of stuff then it’s for you but I prefer a real controllable game.


I saw the game in the AppStore and I thought it would be a really cool game. No. You don’t get to actually race. It’s all about timing. No fun. I’d rather play a drag racing game. Please remove this and create one in which you actually race around a track with other people? I feel like that makes much more sense. Why make a silly game that’s popular for the first week and then gets old? Make one that people want to keep playing. Can’t believe Monster put their name on this.

Need better customization options other than that fun game

I enjoy it

This is trash

Typical trash mobile game. No steering. No freedom of movement. Just a timing based mockery of mx. Looks like there’s probably a pay-to-play fuel consumption mechanic in the game. Don’t know because it took me about a minute and a half to figure out this thing is a pos. 0/10 would not taint my phone with this app again.


Just downloaded the game. All it does is sit on the loading screen. Seriously upset. Please fix it I’ve deleted it 2 and now trying to download one more time. I’m not sure what’s up but i connect it to my Facebook and after that all it does is sit on the loading screen forever. Please please fix really wanting to play!!!


Graphics are great and bikes look good. Was expecting something more like motocross madness.. no control of the bike whatsoever. You just tap a button.


It’s an ok game right now, keep getting stuck at the starting line while my opponent gets to go and I have to play catch up the entire race. And also what are the coins even for. Need to make it easier to unlock the crates.


I download the game and play the tutorial section. After you play the tutorial the game takes forever to load every time you open the game. When the game finally loads and you get to the home menu click career and it goes to a race but every time the bike is invisible and you can’t play and the game freezes on you. This literally happens every time. Can’t even play the game

Pretty good but...

I thought it would be like the MX vs ATV type but nah. Still good tho and addictive.

CSR2 but Motocross

You have an accelerate and a boost/whip button. Whips help you gain boost. Game is easy and boring. Grind and grind while waiting for “fuel” refills, which is fair, its a free game, but the racing is easy. This is pretty much guitar hero with 2 buttons. Not worth it. To Milestone, you have proven to be able to do much better when you aren’t rushed due to The Official Supercross game you guys are launching.

Best moto game for cellular phone

Best moto game on the market

Needs more upgrade options

3 upgrades isn’t enough. I want to upgrade things like tires, bars, graphics, etc.

Worst Supercross game EVER!

The official game of Monster Energy Supercross is officially lame as hell. Don’t believe the hype from the commercials during the race broadcasts unless you’re buying the game to play on Xbox or PlayStation. The mobile version is the biggest letdown in the history of letdowns. The only controls are accelerate and boost/whip? Gag me with a handlebar. Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup or 2XL’s Supercross from YEARS AGO are both 1,000,000 times better than this game. I’m wishing, hoping, and praying for a major update to this sorry excuse for a Supercross game this week when it’s released on PS, Xbox, and PC.

Good start

I’m not even mad that this game has an energy system and you have to pay for your favorite riders. That’s expected with mobile gaming. What I don’t get is why every game is dumbed down to a point when you’re not really playing at all. This game might as well be guitar hero with one button. Why can’t we have a game with a follow cam, not side by side, AND full rider control? Modern phones can easily handle the processing and the graphics are already great! Just rotate the camera to the back and give us turning, gas and brakes! I would pay full console price for a mobile game with actual controls! Even for the old motocross madness and original mx vs atv games. There’s still no good dirt bike game on iOS!

Monster energy supercross

Your game is so good

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