Monster Energy Supercross Game App Reviews

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It’s a bad game

I started off in a race it was lagging and freezing me in one spot and then the other guy could pass me while I was frozen it also keeps on kicking me out when I try to reload it I sat there for 20 minutes waiting and waiting for it to load so I’m gonna leave 2 stars on it but I’m going to delete it not to be rude or anything but I played it on a actual game system and this is a total ripoff


A first person view would be A lot better

My opinion

Maybie the the graphics and the riders can actulley be holding the grips


For some reason after having the game for a week the online racing crashed and won’t let me race online against people

Glitch filled

I’ve been logging in to get my daily bonuses. So far I have received 4 out of the 7 it shows I have received. Most importantly, I didn’t get the new bike on day 7!! Game is flooded with ads more than typical by far.

Game doesn’t work

Game takes for ever to load and when it does load the game doesn’t work so 1 star is all I can give it until the problem gets fixed

You’re doing so great

making another game so we can turn the bike

What happened????

This game started out great but as time goes on I’m experiencing extreme amounts of lag in my game play... in a game that’s designed for throttle timing, how can I play this game when I’m skipping and jerking on the track and in the air. Major frustration. I know I’m only one man but either fix it or I’m going to stop playing mad uninstall.. what a waste SMH

Irritating and annoying

Game would be great if the head to head racing against another player wasn't fake. Tired of games where you are pitted against another player (or at least their profile) and get beat beat by the computer. What's the point of upgrading your bike if a level 1 bike can beat a level 7 bike by 6 seconds in a 25 second race. These games are designed solely for the purpose of aggravating you to the point you spend money to upgrade. Difficult to upgrade your bikes once your level is above 15...requires you to race way too many times to earn enough wrenches plus the cost to level up the bike is 2,000,000-3,000,000. Not any fun when you can't progress in the game. Races are fixed...think I would stand a better chance of winning a real Supercross race. 😝


I went to a Supercross in Minnesota at the u.s. bank stadium and it kept on saying monster energy Supercross and a WANTED IT!(not the clown.. the game!) so I bought it for the ps4 and I wondered if it was available for my iPod Touch and it was!!😀😀😀😆😀😆😀😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😀😀😀😀😀😀😋😋😋😋😋😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️🙂🙂🙂🙂😉🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Rider froze

In a challenge,that cost 1500 coins ,the rider stopped advancing,the bike and rider would go side to side but not forward,my time kept going.The dust from the wheel spin was blowing from front to back like there was a tailwind.The only way to make it stop was to close the game.When I re opened it the money was gone,I received no credits/rewards for the race...frustrating!


It's good In all but cash is so hard to get and you can only get in store or daily reward. I definitely can't forget about the hacks tooooooo many. There should also be a way to customize your bike and rider.

Great game but needs improvements

This game is a great game and has a lot of potential. It would make this game WAY more fun if it was more like the game that came out on PS4 or Xbox. Like complete control over the bike, allowing you to pick real racers as riders, and being able to edit your own rider.


Great Fudging game my peeps we it this bity playing this till the sunrise ya digg what I’m saying

I hate when you don’t land very good it slow me down a lot!!!!!!!



So I’ve noticed some PvP and PvE riders are able to boost much faster over the jumps even when I hit perfect takeoffs and landings. You’ll get beat by a racer with half the bike level. They’ll hit the jump, be in the air for a second and fly by you like you’re sitting still. Happens more often than not.

Good game

This game takes really good and I like dirt bikes I have a 110 and I an 9 years old and I race .

This was teh best motor cross game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Boi how Gud iz dis itz gr8 boi

What a shame

Don’t get this game. It’s nothing like the actual video game and it’s terrible. I’ve never been so utterly disappointed in a games structure especially not a supercross game.


Very cool game


I just downloaded this game and when I get on my bike does not show up and when I do a race my bike does not appear and the timer goes and I can’t do anything. Please fix

Nice game

I love this game it has a lot of my favorite riders besides James Stewart

Inappropriate advertisements

Every round you have hoochy mamma call in advertisements. Inappropriate for a game kids will play. You should remove those ads. I plan on reporting this to apple also.

This game could be awesome

This game has some potential but I don’t like how your on the side of the rider not behind and able to steer and do more trick the auto steering and the side of the rider pretty much kills the game for me

the game

this game is the best


I love the app but every thing cost way to much money thank you guess for putting in the work for such an awesome creation for iOS

Best game

Give it five stars because it’s just good game


Gameplay is horrible don’t waste your time or money until gameplay is updated to control bike and make realistic racing. Mad skills is way more enjoyable!

Good game

It is a good game but it is kind of basic and I don't like the energy aspect of it because all it does is makes it so you can't race more than three times


I hoped this game was a game where you actually control your vehicle but whatever I’m fine with how it is.Another problem is that my accelerator button keeps moving to the middle of the screen during online races.It will destroy my whole race.I also wish there was a mode like an actual race where there are 12 riders.I am a supercross fan and have been to many races so I will give this a generous 4 stars because there hasn’t been a supercross game that was realistic since I had a phone

I wish

I wish you don’t have to pay to get your favorite riders.


The more money I tend to buy and spend on the game the more they glitch my screen and the more I lose online. Glitches every time I’m about to win so the other player comes back and beats me literally on a -70 game losing streak after I spent 40 bucks on coins I win and than boom my screen slows down the bike glitches and I can’t get my timing right and I lose the race. All the time game is garbage now even after today’s update 3/19/18

The bikes

Game is kinda good, you can’t steer the bike and the track isn’t long enough. It would be cool to be able to control and steer the bike as well as shift or not and actually be able to run Supercross qualifying. where you place is where you start in the main event. This game it to cheesy for me.

Great game

Gets challenging. If you like mad skills moto you’ll like this as well

Best game ever!!!

This game is amazing especially since you can video record it.

Basics 101

Game play is what you would expect from iOS platform. Super simple one angle of view. Worst of all you purchase a bike, upgrade it to level 10, enter head to head race, hit the jumps and turns with “great or perfect” and get passed by a level 2 bike on the last jump like they’re running nitro! Worse yet, race head to head enough times somehow you end up racing yourself? Not sure how this is happening but has happen multiple times to me. Same scenario on a few of them where I get passed like the other “me” in bike is running pure nitro. Overall an Ok game. Nothing to make it worth any in game purchases to be used.

Don't usually write reviews.

This game does a really good job of making me be ok with the fact that I haven't bought the PS4 version. Even though it's just an app I was election alot more from a faction like monster energy.


Hello! I purchased the game for my PS4 and have had a blast. I started having some fun on this game as well, but I am somewhat confused on what you use the coins and wrench tokens for. Please let me know, thanks! Update: I figured it out!

Not happy

I did the most recent update and the game stoped working. The screen would freeze when you tried to do a race

Won’t even load

Just sits at the loading screen and never moves off of it.

Bugs in beginning. Got it fixed. Works awesome

Great game. Got the kinks worked out. Look g forward to easier way to get different bikes

Good start.. but

Good start but the online multiplayer is to inconsistent. I’ll be smoking a guy and then all the sudden they blow past me jumping lower and not even whipping. So there is no way they could have boost to be going that fast.

Won't load

I have an up to date iPhone 5c and the game will not load. I updated to the newest version and when I select the icon the screen goes black then straight back to my home screen

Cool game BUT!!!

Hate the fact it’s not equally ranked races and even tho I am ahead by a long shot and get perfect jumps every time the other player some how always win I win one out of every 100 races my opinion cool game but needs work so deleting it till it can actually be better rotate the camera so it’s not side by side make it actual controls and not a one button game and to be able to choose your outfit helmet etc colors and modify both bikes and rider would be cool


After I passed the tutorial the game refuses to work at all. Loading screen stops when you open the game and only finishes loading after phone locks and it’s unlocked. Bike don’t load so you can’t see them. Races don’t load bikes and after the count down there is no bike or rider so you can’t participate at all. Fix the game.

Has potential

Let's face it, if you follow Supercross, you'll enjoy the concept of the game. However it's so inconsistent. You can literally get a whole shot in any race, then almost as if the 'multiplayer' fast forwards over jumps or through curves, and it's not every race this happens. The multiplayer doesn't really feel like you're actually racing someone. Yes it's hard to obtain bikes, but if you sign on everyday you'll eventually be given a crate. Cool to see pro riders, but it needs updating. For example, they still have Barcia riding for JGR Suzuki. We're well into the season now, why update? Some of the ads are ridiculous. In particular, the Facebook and the wheel ad you can't 'wait' to skip, you have to open it then close the safari out. Not sure if this was a promo for their console game (don't even get me started there) and they're just not focused anymore, or what. Kills some time, but it could be way better.


I wish you didn’t have to buy the bikes


I can’t even race. The game loads but the bike does not, I go into a race and the gate drops but I see just the gate no bike and cannot move. Frustrating...

Multiplayer is awful

I rarely win the multiplayer matches because the opponent will randomly boost 5 seconds ahead, then when I catch up or pass them they just boost past me again and beat me by 3 seconds. I leveled the 250 up to level 5, hit perfect almost every jump and turn, yet a level 3 bike will just blow past me like I’m standing still.

Pay to play

You have to pay to get off the first bike. You have 0 control of the bike. Literally the same thing over and over again. Same bike unless you want to spend money. This game is a joke and every name on it should feel pathetic. It makes me not want to use the products advertised in this game.

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